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Looking for an original gift, sensational and surprising...with our TAKA'DO (coupon gift) you will make pleasure ! 

In the air, on the ocean or on the ground, our monitors share the same state of spirit : kindness, availibility, joyfulness, to  gentillesse, disponibilité, gaieté, pour vous accompagner dans le meilleur du sport outdoor !

Lot of sports activities rich of sensation and energising whether is Basque Country, in Béarn or in the Landes to enjoy your family and friend !  




our nature sporting coupon gift

Specialists of Outdoors activities in the Basque Country, provide TAKAMAKA activity is always a great gift. Choose among our coupon gift !


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Buy your business without worrying about the release date

Offer the coupon gift

The recipient of the coupon gift will book his trip depending of its availabilities

Coupon gift valid one year

Sporting Coupon Gift non refundable


After receiving your coupon gift, grab your 6 digit number (indicated on the coupon gift)

then you will simply contact by phone at the , by email (contact) or or go in agency indicate your availability dates

and we will arrange for the organization of your activity.

A confirmation email will be sent with the date, address and time of the appointment.


Come equipped as it should be according to your activity at the address and time shown on your confirmation email.

Present yourself at the onsite guide and be prepared to live a crazy day.

Our team remains reachable on the day of activity for all last minute questions.


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1 - Biarritz - Gift SURF&BIKE

1 - Biarritz - Gift SURF&BIKE

Does your bike need a little overhaul? Do you want to be able to use your bike in complete safety?

Then this gift is made for you !!

We offer you a complete overhaul of your bike: steering, braking, transmission, wheels ...

You can also use this gif


A partir de 35.00
2 - Biarritz - Gift DISCOVERY

2 - Biarritz - Gift DISCOVERY

Give emotion thanks to TAKAMAKA gift! Attracted by the desire for an original gift: the DISCOVERY Gift becomes the gift you need. The DISCOVERY gift is valid for one activity of your choice among:

  • White Water rafting
  • Hawaiian Pirogue Ride 2h
  • Stand

A partir de 39.00
3 - Biarritz - Gift ADVENTURE

3 - Biarritz - Gift ADVENTURE

Welcome to the Basque Country, it's time to go on an adventure !!! Choose from the following activities:

  • Bienvenue au Pays Basque, il est temps de partir à l'aventure !!! Faites votre choix parmi les activités suivantes :

    • Initiation Surf 1h30 +

A partir de 79.00
4 - Biarritz - Gift DUO

4 - Biarritz - Gift DUO

You want to share discovery and sensation with your partner or a friend, the DUO pack is made for you.

Spice up your stay in the Basque Country by choosing one of the following activities:

  • 1h tandem jetski hike
  • Two-seater quad ride 2h
  • Rafting des

5 - Biarritz - Gift FAMILY

5 - Biarritz - Gift FAMILY

Set off to conquer the Basque Country with family or friends! Fill up on emotion and memories by choosing an activity among:

  • Two-seater quad ride 1h
  • Wave rafting session
  • White Water rafting
  • Towed buoy + Escape Biarritz
  • Tree climbing + Escape Bia

6 - Biarritz - Gift SENSATION

6 - Biarritz - Gift SENSATION

You want to live beautiful sensations in the Basque Country or in the Pyreneas?
Then SENSATION good gift is for you !! You can choose among:

  • 40 min paramotor flight
  • 20 min paramotor flight for 2 people
  • Paragliding discovery flight + Unusual night


7 - Biarritz - Gift Card

Do you want to please but you don't know how? Wondering which activity to choose?

The best option: give the choice!


This € 50.00 gift voucher is valid for our entire catalog:

  • Rental: electric bike, city bike, racing bike, surf, paddle, bodyboar

A partir de 50.00
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