Paper Chase Biarritz

paper chase : BIARRITZ discovery

Be guided by the "discovery tour" of the city of Biarritz. Especially made for the children and adults, those paper chases gather three criterias : reflexion, game and discovery. Paper chases for the olders and treasure hunts for children, this activity permit to discover the story of Biarritz by an original, unique and playful walk for you and your children. 

Do not wait, come and let's discover the mystery of those legends!


Children treasur hunt : The legend of Tako and Maka - The Pirates of Biarritz
How to make a stroll in Biarritz enjoyable and fun for children? Meeting Tako and Maka. 
Reception to the Takamaka office located on the city center of Biarritz to get your "travel journal".
 - itinary and city map 
 - Riddle book
 - Indices on sealed envelope
 - Surpising gift 
Paper chase adults :  The legend of the "roche percée"
You'll discover the city of Biarritz in a very playful way through the cults points of Biarritz. At the end of the story, you'll find the answer of your mystery. 
Welcome at the office, in the city center of Biarritz, briefing  and delivery of the "road map."
 - puzzle booklet to each headlight step


Paper Chase Hen party :  Mermaid Legend
For your Hen Party in Biarritz, TAKAMAKA offers you a special treasure hunt in the city of Biarritz. What will be the reward ... surprise ! Equipped with your travel blog, discover places and puzzles that offers your guidance booklet. Each of these steps are conducted in the most surprising places of the city of Biarritz in front of the ocean. From the lighthouse to the "100 Marches" each step have his importance in order to discover the secret that this getaway reserves! The arrival of the course can be done in a bar in Biarritz, typical basque colors and atmosphere.
Live the adventure with your friends! 
Using your smartphone, discover Biarritz, its heritage and its culture. In form of open questions, questions with multiple choices and puzzle, you'll discover the city in a playful and enjoyable way. Diversification, innovation and originality, that is our ambition.
TAKAMAKA will gratify the greatest as the smallest.


Find us at 11 Avenue de la Marne, the place of the briefing and starting point of your journey.

contact us :  +33(0)5 59 24 11 84 - xabi@TAKAMAKA.FR

Chasse au trésor Enfants !
Difficulté : 1 / 5

Chasse au trésor Enfants !

Montez à bord de la Licorne Basque et revivez la formidable aventure de Tako et Maka, les pirates biarrots les plus redoutés de tout le Golfe de Gascogne. Munis de ta carte et livre d’indices, résous les énigmes de Peio le perroquet. Tu auras accès au


A partir de 7.00
Jeux de piste Adultes !
Difficulté : 1 / 5

Jeux de piste Adultes !

Sous un ciel d’encre, pris dans une mer déchaînée, un chalutier en perdition dérive. Partez à la découverte de la ville et résolvez les énigmes à l'aide d'un plan et d'un livret. Vous connaîtrez alors les aventures de ces marins échoué…


A partir de 7.00
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