Basque Strength

For centuries, young basque people challenge themselves from one farm to another, from one village to another.

This tradition has evolved in competition at the point of making games of Basque strength one of the most popular event in the summer. For this challenge Basque strength, we will divide the group into teams.

Choice of possible activities to do:

Each team successively evolves on different stands:Tir à la corde (soka tira en basque)

Supervision is provided by rural basque strength professionals. The challenge ends with a demonstration with professionals.

We will rank the teams according to points garnered on each workshop and will carry a prize to the three best teams.

Price challenge Basque strength : 62 euros HT / pers

Posibility to see a basque strength show: consult us 


 A permanent stand of hot and cold drinks (depending on season) will be available throughout the event.



Place : 

Time : 

Nb people : 

Period : 

Effort : 

Predictable : 

Biarritz - basque country - landes

From 2 to 3 hours

from 20 participants

All the year

Sporty & ludique



Contactu us for a personalised proposition : 05 59 24 11 84 or


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