4x4 excursion Basque Country

Share the adventure in the Basque Country driving white santa 4x4 convertible with our guide passionate about nature and ride. This one will comment on the landscapes and the region through this guided radio in each vehicle.

A twenty five 4X4 park can accommodate 100 people from your hotel.

incentive 4x4 biarritz incentive 4x4 pays basque
piment espelette aventure 4x4 pays basque

Tours and personalized itineraries and that in respect for the environment.We will discover the Basque Nature and typical villages such as Ainhoa, Sare, Zugurramurdi ... via paths once used by smugglers.

Training road driving provided by our qualified instructors from the Professional Certificate of Youth, Education and Sports Specialty Sports Cars All Terrain mention.

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 Biarritz randonnée 4x4 en France : Bordeaux, Toulouse, Landes, désert des Bardenas

 Demi-journée / journée ou sur plusieurs jours

 à partir de 3 véhicules 4x4

 Toute l'année


 Sportswear / confortable


Contact us fora personalized proposition: 05 59 24 11 84 or biarritz@takamaka.fr


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