Go on Hawaiian dugout canoe durinf alf-day and wield boats like the fishermen ; unique discovery of the Basque Country!

seminaire pirogue biarritz pirogue saint jean de luz
pirogue saint jean de luz pirogue saint jean de luz

Once you have acquired the handling of the boat, we will eventually hit the waves.

Discovering the Bay of Saint de Luz in Hawaiian dugout canoe, fun seminar and incentive activity or for a team building challenge, the canoe is a fun and handy craft.

The dugout canoe is a craft for 4 persons ; we will make a crews of 4 or 3 rowers and one helmsman. Equipped with a simple paddle, you will coordinate your movements to make the dugout canoe slide in an effective way. 



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Seminar on hawaiian dugout canoe: Sailing 2h00 54 € HT / pers



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Saint Jean de Luz


from 12 participants

All the year  

from * to **

wetsuit / towel / sunscreen / hat


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