Basque Party

In a true Basque house: a privatized Basque house  for the evening or a trinquet in a small village, come and share the local cuisine and good mood. 

You spend the evening in an atypical place where you will be totally immersed in the atmosphere of powerful local songs, sharing a meal of the Basque country.

On arrival at the site, we refer you to the trinquet to attend a Basque pelota game. We will present the different variants of the game of pelota (Chistera, pala, bare hand) followed by demonstrations and a Basque pelota game with Basque songs.

During this presentation a tapas appetizer will be served.

We will continue the evening with a local menu accompanied by Basque singers.

Exemple of menu : foie gras labourdine salad + lamb crispy duck brick sheet and txilindron sauce + feta cheese + Basque cake

A Basque evening rich in atmosphere, full of magic and tradition that everybody could love to share.


Party +Basque singer : 76 € Ht / pers

Life during the drinks party :
Demonstration of basque pelota ball : 750 € HT

Option 2nd part of the party:
DJ party + sound nd light show: 1450 € HT
Open bar : 8,50 € HT / drink / pers - establishment of tickets, all alcohols (digestive, beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, ...)

the bests of your evening in the basque country :



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