Glambling Den seminar Party

« glambling party and PROHIBITION »

Casino, Cheating, Glambling, rifle shooting, Borsalino and feather boa

tonight there is no rules !

Dive into the atmosphere of the twenties and prohibition and follow the footsteps of "The Great Gatsby." This gives you an idea? Carefree, prohibition, games, jazz, America of the 30s ...

So have fun, and through the door and discover our hidden illegal gambling!

« Come and discover:

Tables of traditional games of quality required by our dealers: Blackjack, Roulette, Chuck and Luck and play against our dealers.

Games to play between colleagues: dart game, bar shuffleboard, game of chance ... also playing independently against your colleagues!

But beware of the back room on the other side of the screen, you can win a lot but you may also get fleeced!
This is the favorite place of our scammer and the marauding Celine!

In the evening, the rule is simple: challenge your colleagues, dealers or our players, bet and try to win the maximum gain !!

You have all the night to successfully amass the money for you or your team and introduced to the great final auction. For the unlucky, you can always try to talk to the lender Alain Shops!

So let's play and have a great night !!

Dress code 20's decoration 20's

Dress code of the guests for the gambling den party

For all the guests: Borsalino for men and cloche hat or veil for women!

But you can also dress you as you whant: 

The tomboy look with a bob wig. The eccentricity withfringed dresses, glitter or sequins, small heels and satin gloves. Do not skimp on accessories: fishnet stockings, pearls, sleeves, headbands,cigarette case and feather boas.

Men can choose between a dandy costume like Gatsby with white costume, gloves and bow tie. But the 20s are also the years of Prohibition ... The holding of gangster with pinstripe suits, hats and cigars like Al Capone.

The options of the Gambling den party
Decoration of the room : the Roaring Twenties

The decoration of the 30's is unique: no Roaring Twenties party without some feathers... We will decorate the room with large colorful feathers ostriches and lots of accessories of the 30s.

Musical entertainment for the Gambling den party:

To really stick to the theme of the Roaring Twenties, we offer you a small group of jazz saxophonist who will transport your guests to the heart of the 20s. The Charleston was an extremely popular dance ..

Price of the Gambling den and prohibition organization : from 3900 euros HT

This price includes:

    3 casino tables, 3 dealers
    1 cheat table, 1 cheater
    The jazz band of 3 musicians.


    DJ in extra : 950 euros
    The decoration of the room : 650 euros

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