Cider Party

And yes in the Basque Country, we have apple tree and we do cider!

The apples are of the same variety as that of Normandy, the cider is different. We will tell you its story.

Enjoy a seminar party at the heart of a basque cider house.

In a small basque village, we propose you an original party as we like to live in the Basque Country.

Real cider house where you could taste the barrels of the Basque cider. The guests collect a few mouthfuls of the precious "Sagarno" in their glass and every call we start the ceremony!

The aim of the basque cider house is very simple: cider and conviviality ! 

Around a huge table, you will taste the traditional menu of a basque cider house ! Here, it's the best place for fun, convivialty and warm atmosphere !

At the program:
- Tastin the cider in the barrel 
- Diner on the big wooden tables

Traditional menu:
- Cod omelet 
- Grilled hake
- Prime Rib cooked on the grill
- Ewe cheese and black cherry jam
- Membrillo
- Cofee
- Red wine, rosé, and cider

Cider party and basque singers: 67 € HT / pers - 30 pers)

The bests of your cider party in the basque country: 

  • A discovery - an History
  • A huge tables of 12 persons each on a big wooden tables and bench
  • In the center of Bayonne - in a small Labour village or in a village specialized in the cider, part of Spain, few km from Saint Sébastien
  • The famous prime rib cooked over the coals
  • A strong cider basque with little bitterness
  • A party in red and white
  • Feria pack: scarf + beret + cinta



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